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Chop Chop Luckies Restaurant

All our original dishes from Chop Chop Haymarket is now available cooked and served to the same high quality and taste, with a wide range of drinks served, combined with an efficient and relaxed service @ Chop Chop Luckies on 437 Gorgie Road, Edinburgh, EH11 2RT.

Opening Hours: Wednesdays To Sundays 12pm to 9pm.

Call 0131 337 8697 TO BOOK.


Chinese Dumplings

This is our speciality, we offer a wide range of flavours which can be boiled or fried.

Please see full Menu below.

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Meat Dishes

We offer plenty of meat dishes: chicken, beef, pork, prawn, lamb.

Please see full Menu below.

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Vegetarian/Vegan Dishes

We offer an extensive range of vegetarian & vegan dishes, we even have a specific Vegan/Vegetarian Menu.

Please see full Menu below.

Our Head Chef & Entrepreneur Jian Wang is a Multi-Award Winning Chef including Best Chinese Restaurant in Scotland (Runner Up in UK) on Celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsay's F-Word Show.  Multiple AA Rosette Awards & More.

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