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Frying dumplings (guotie)

Frying dumplings (guotie)

  • Chinese food parcels for shallow frying.
  • Supplied frozen
  • Available with a variety of beef, lamb, chicken or vegetable fillings
  • Serves two (approx 13-19 pieces) 350g -500g* . Cost per portion £2.10
  • Easy to prepare - shallow fry from frozen in oil and water. Cooking time 8 minutes
  • Full cooking instructions supplied
  • Equipment required: saucepan
  • As popular in China as chips are here! Can be served as a starter, side dish, main meal or snack
  • Additional information: don't forget to serve with a dip! We offer traditional dips made with your choice from a combination of light soya sauce, malt vinegar, chopped garlic and crushed chilli.
  • ALLERGENS: Contains wheat flour, soya, sesame oil in all varieties
  • ALLERGENS: Prawn only in the pork and prawn dumplings
  • Portions vary in size as follows:-Beef and chilli, Beef and water chestnut, Pork & prawn, Lamb & cumin  350g - approx 13 pieces; Pork and all chicken varieties 400g - approx 15 pieces; vegetable varieties 500g - approx 19 pieces.
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